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History at Key Stage 3

All students study History in Years 7 and 8. In year 7, students begin by completing a unit on key skills such as chronology and using evidence. Their first content topic focuses on English history surrounding the Battle of Hastings, the changes it brought and Medieval life. Students will then move on to study the Tudors and Stuarts, focusing on the various monarchs and events such as the Spanish Armada and English Civil War. The final topic within the year 7 curriculum is all about murder mysteries that happened in the periods already covered. Students will investigate strange stories such as the Princes in the Tower and Lady Jane Grey.

Year 8 begin their history lessons covering the dark side of the British Empire –the Slave Trade. Moving into twentieth century history, pupils will begin a unit on Civil Rights. This will focus on topics such as the Suffragettes, Northern Ireland and the impact of civil rights leaders in the USA, for example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Year 8 will end their Key Stage 3 study of history by looking at the main events of the two world wars. Across all topics, pupils will develop skills of explanation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and empathy.
GCSE in History

Why study this subject?

History broadens your understanding of the past and the world that we live in today. It allows you to look at the most dramatic and troubled periods in human History and to gain a perspective about why an event happened and its consequences. A GCSE in History is also perfect preparation for A-Levels because it prepares you for the higher level of analysis, thought and argument required to be successful academically. If you write well and enjoy discussion and debates, then History is for you.

What will I learn?

You will learn how medicine developed over time, from the Prehistoric Age to the Modern Age and the people behind the key discoveries in medicine. There will also be an in-depth study of Germany from 1919-1945, where you look at how Hitler became leader of Germany. You find out how Hitler used terror and propaganda to control people. In addition to this you will carry out a critical analysis of the Black Country Living Museum to determine its effectiveness as a source about the Industrial Revolution.

How will I be taught?

A mixture of power points, videos, group and pair work will be used in lessons to enhance your learning experience. You will visit the Black Country Museum and other places of interest such as the Houses of Parliament in London.

How will I be assessed?

You will be regularly assessed through class work, homework and by tests. Your progress will be closely monitored to ensure you achieve your potential. The route to your GCSE in History currently involves 2 examination papers and a controlled assessment.

What qualifications will I get at the end of the course?

At the end of the course you will get a GCSE in History.

What can this qualification lead to afterwards?

Qualifications in History lead to a wide range of career opportunities often relating to the highly desirable skills acquired by studying history for example solicitors and barristers, public services, politicians, managers, etc.

Post-16 Progression

A-Level History is a challenging yet exciting post-16 option open to those who achieve good grades in GCSE History and English. History provides a strong academic background for those students going on to do degrees in subjects such as Law, English, Journalism, Social Sciences, Humanities, Politics, Media, Psychology and many more.

Do I have to do any coursework?

There is a controlled assessment about the Black Country History Museum worth 25% of your grade.

How much homework will I have to do?

You will have to complete one piece of homework every week. You are also expected to continually develop your understanding independently and to review your class notes regularly.

Where can I find out more about this qualification?

You can speak to any member of the History department for more information on the course.


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