Diary of a sixth form student...

    When setting off, we endured 30 hours of travel, which included a very bumpy ride across the English Channel. When reaching Hotel Monte Maggio, there was a loud cheer at the back of the bus where we were situated. This was the start of our amazing 6 days in Italy. On the day of our arrival, we were suited up with all of our ski gear which would be used the very next day for our first ski lesson. On our first ski lesson, we were taught the basics of how to ski, which included how to snowplough. This was difficult for some but they soon picked up on how to do it. On the first night, we got to know the locals who were very welcoming. When arriving back at the hotel most people felt tired, so everybody turned in for the night.

    When everybody woke up on the second day, we all went downstairs and had a nutritious breakfast together. This would hopefully give us enough energy to get us through until dinner time. When we were all kitted up, it was time to go back onto the slopes and get skiing again. We would now learn further skills that would help us develop our techniques. This is what we would be doing the next day as well, which would mean that on the fourth day, we were ready to go out onto the routes of the mountains, which would turn out to be an amazing experience for everyone. When we eventually went out onto the mountains, we would be in our usual groups and would have teachers with us at all times. In Paulo’s group, there was a phrase that was coming out that was about Mr Burgher. Due to him not being the best skier in the world, he would usually be found at the back of the group always trailing behind. When the group would stop and wait for Mr Burgher, Paulo came out with a phrase saying “Is Symon alive?”. This was told as a joke as Mr Burgher wouldn’t be seen for a few minutes and there was the joking thought of him falling off the edge of the cliffs! This would stick with Mr Burgher throughout the trip.

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