King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy is committed to creating an environment in which students are both valued and supported. Whilst all staff are responsible for the well-being of students, we have key staff who lead on taking responsibility for students' well-being. All students are placed in one of four Houses - Parkes, Tolkien, Lloyd and Walters.

We work with primary schools to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary. Pastoral managers also play a key part in the personal development of students. Pastoral managers are a key point of contact for students and families.

Senior leaders

Mr Jones
Mrs Marshall
Miss Southworth Mrs Sidhu
Head of Year 7 and 8 Head of Year 9 and 10 Head of Year 11 Head of Year 12 and 13


Pastoral managers

Mr Denver Ms Kaur Mrs Smith Mr Mitcham Mr Blair Mrs Hicks-Webbe
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 and 13


Progress leaders

Miss Lanham Mrs Southwell Miss Johnson Mrs Ayling Mrs Everett
Year 7 Year 8 and 9 Year 10 and 11 Year 12 Year 13


Form and Personal Tutor

All students are placed into a form group and allocated a form tutor. The form tutor will meet students on a daily basis and play a key role in supporting their well-being. Additional support is also provided by the school nurse. Personal tutor's meet with their students once a week. Each personal tutor is assigned a group of students from each year group, providing opportunity for elder students and younger students to interact.