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Hello and welcome to the student wellbeing site

Promoting student wellbeing helps create a better overall experience for students, which ultimately benefits everyone. If students are able to find support, advice and information and to develop coping skills for life, they are more likely to continue with and be successful in their academic studies, enjoy their student experience and contribute more positively to student life.

Life can be challenging, but we can support if you are feeling anxious, worried or just want to talk. There is always someone you can speak to, here at KESH, if you are worried or concerned about something. Your Pastoral Manager, Head of Year, Form Tutor, our Family Support Officer and councillor, Student Support office, or any other member of staff you feel comfortable talking to. 

Email your concerns to and we will get back to you with support and advice asap.

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Use the information below if you need to report

Under 18 and worried about online sexual abuse? To report, click the button below or click the link to visit the CEOP Safety Centre. -


Student Wellbeing Form

Whatever is on your mind, you can contact the Academy by filling in this form and we will follow up your concern.

Internet Use

The Internet can be a great tool for use in your studies and in your personal time. However, there are things you can do which will make your experience much more pleasant. Remember, get SMART and stay SMART.

Mental Health Support

Mental health problems can affect ANYONE at any stage of their life. Students - you may be under stress to meet deadlines, or have fallen behind, or maybe you are encountering problems outside of the Academy. We are here to help. Please do reach out to us via pastoral managers, form tutors, Head of Year or any other member of staff you feel comfortable talking to.

Mental Health Foundation

Good mental health for all

Pause (Birmingham)

A wellbeing drop-in service


Free, safe and anonymous support

Don't let stress ruin your whole day

We all need help from time to time.

You’re not alone—you have a community of people who support you

The Trust

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