The school day runs from Monday - Friday ( 8.35 am - 3.05 pm )



King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy is a uniform Academy

Pupils in Years 7 - 11 are expected to wear school uniform at all times and a high standard of dress is required. We look to parents to support the Academy in this matter. By sending your child to this Academy you accept the uniform regulations. Sixth form students are expected to dress appropriately for their studies. Students are also required to wear the Academy PE kit for games and physical education. Any family who requires financial assistance acquiring Academy uniform should contact the Pastoral Manager for the respective year group at the Academy. 

Help and Support

Any family who requires financial assistance acquiring Academy uniform should contact the Pastoral Manager for the respective year group at the Academy.

To support with the cost of uniform, from September 2022 families will no longer need to buy the KESH Academy blazer. Families can purchase any plain black blazer and attach the KESH badge as an alternative. The badge will be available to purchase at our uniform supplier Mansuri’s, or direct from the Academy Uniform Store.
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Uniform Shop

In line with our cashless policy within the Academy we offer a cashless uniform shop facility within ParentPay. To use this you will need to set up your ParentPay account as directed on your activation letter and click on the link below to view the shop.

However, as we carry limited stock, all items must please be pre-ordered before paying for them. Instructions for pre-ordering are displayed on the first screen.

Click here for the KESH shop on Parent Pay

Uniform Compulsory items (unless specified)



Black trousers of regular shape and formal design and fabric (not tapered or skinny leg) – no jeans/heavy cotton style.


OR an Academy black knee length skirt.


Plain white shirt with top button.


Academy clip on tie.


Academy blazer (or a plain black blazer with the Academy badge attached)


Academy black V-necked jumper (optional).
  • Plain black shoes with no logos – trainers, boots, and suede shoes are not permitted.
  • Plain white or plain black ankle socks or plain black/flesh coloured tights
  • Academy bag (year 7-9 only)
  • Appropriate school bag for years 10-11 – no pouch bags




House polo shirt


Black Academy tracksuit bottoms


OR Black Academy PE shorts.


Black Academy sports socks.

  • Academy training top (this is optional but if a training top is worn it must be the KESH version)

  • Trainers*

  • Football boots*

* Please check the information on which boots/trainers to purchase on our website – only certain boots and trainers can be used on our all weather pitch.

All weather pitch footwear


  • Studs (moulded)

  • Plastic studs/screw in (screw in less than 13mm)

  • Plastic blades


  • Synthetics turf trainers

Not permitted

  • Flat soled trainers (e.g. indoor or running trainers)

  • Blades or boots with metal/metal tipped studs)


Hair Style

Hairstyles should be appropriate. For example – excessive razor cuts, mohicans, tram lines and spiked hair will not be acceptable. Hair colour should be within the natural range – for example, green, blue and the like are not permitted. If in doubt, consult the Academy prior to proceeding with a haircut or colouring.


  • Students are permitted to wear a watch, one plain ring and single studs in each ear.
  • No sovereign rings are allowed.
  • Jewellery on other parts of the body is not permitted including body or facial piercings such as tongue or nose piercings. This includes skin and body decorations.


  • The only shoes allowed must be black plain leather/leather effect with black laces and no significant trim which is other than black.
  • Suede or suede effect shoes are not permitted.
  • Open-toed shoes or shoes without a back represent a health and safety hazard and cannot be worn to the Academy.
  • Trainers or boots must not be worn in the Academy.
  • Medical notes will be required for those students that have diagnosed conditions that prevent them from wearing school shoes.


In order for you to learn most effectively it is important that you are prepared with the right equipment for each day. You may have to bring subject specific equipment to the Academy on certain days (for example your PE kit) so it is a good idea to check your lessons the night before and get your bag packed. Every single day you will need to bring the following:

  • KESH Academy bag for Year 7-9 and a suitable bag for year 10 and 11.
  • Planner.
  • Pens, pencils, a rubber, a ruler and a maths set.
  • Calculator.
  • You can bring a reusable bottle to the Academy which can be refilled at any of the water filters located around the building. All other drinks are not permitted.


Students can wear a small amount of make-up provided this is deemed to be subtle. Nail varnish, false or acrylic nails are not permitted in the Academy.


Students can bring a coat of their choice to the Academy however this must be removed when inside the building.


KESH Academy is unable to take responsibility for any valuables that you choose to bring with you to school. As such we strongly advise that you do not bring valuable items into the Academy.

  • If you choose to bring a mobile phone it should be switched off and stored in your bag. If you use your phone in the Academy it will be confiscated and your parents/carers will be informed. The mobile phone will be available for collection by parents/carers the following day.
  • During PE lessons it is the responsibility of the student to hand in mobile phones and any other valuables to the teacher for safe-keeping.
  • Students are not permitted to listen to music via phones or other devices whilst at the Academy.
  • If a student attempts to take any equipment into an exam that can store or transmit data (e.g. phones and smart watches) it will be confiscated and returned to parents/carers after the last day of the examination period.


  • Sweatshirts and hoodies should not be worn.
  • Baseball caps or other headwear should not be worn with the exception of headscarves.
  • Black head scarves may be worn by girls – please contact the Academy if you wish to enquire about other items of religious attire.
  • If you have any questions about the uniform policy please contact your child’s pastoral manager.
  • If students attend the Academy in incorrect uniform, we will loan them suitable alternatives or may send them home to get changed in consultation with families.
If students attend the Academy in incorrect uniform, we will loan them suitable alternatives or may send them home to get changed in consultation with families.

The Trust

King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Registered number 10654935. Registered office: Foundation Office, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham, B15 2UD. Tel: 0121 472 1147.